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The Meaning of Inner Joy

Inner Joy - Simcha

Simcha means the inner joy that has nothing to do with laughter and music and everything to do with knowledge that you’re connected to something bigger, something that really counts.

It doesn’t mean things will always be easy or go smoothly, but it does mean you’re living reality – and there’s no better feeling.

~ R’ Chaim Rosenfeld

We often use the word simcha to mean an event of happiness. For Rabbi Rosenfeld, simcha is a feeling that goes deeper than being surrounded by celebrants. Although we experience happiness at those times, the feeling is as fleeting as the scent of a flower (or even a good cup of coffee!). We can't grab onto it, hold it, and return to it another time. It was great while it lasted....but then it's in the air, gone...lingering only as a memory.

The inner joy that comes from knowing our connection to the One In The World is what we strive for. How do we uncover that part of ourselves that has embedded in our memory, a deep attachment to something larger than our physical reality? Our sages say that before our souls entered into this reality, we had that knowledge---which is why spiritual language resonates with us in the first place.

For us to begin to tap into that inner voice, we need a spiritual practice. Like other abilities, it takes a regular and daily commitment. There are many practices to engage in... meditation, prayer, journaling, chanting and more. If you haven't yet tried one or more, now is the time. Create some inner joy!

It’s not one’s circumstances that determines one’s mood; it’s one’s mood that determines the circumstances.

~ The Baal HaTanya zt”l


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