Your Introduction to Jewish Spirituality

This is a four week course, just the right amount of time to learn and experience spiritual practices.


In our weekly journey you will learn more about Jewish spirituality. This class is recommended for beginners, or for those who might be engaging in Jewish spiritual practices (like meditation) but who want to learn more about Jewish teachings regarding the soul and our relationship with the Divine.


Some of the questions that will be answered are: What is special about Jewish spiritual practices? How does Judaism view the soul? What does Judaism say about holiness?


Each class will engage you in spiritual practices and significant texts to enable you to explore how these practices are relevant for you. This class will be limited to the first 30 registrants to foster an intimate environment.


Engaging in study is fulfilling a Jewish obligation, a mitzvah. When you increase your wisdom, you sensitize yourself and grow from the experience. So, not only are you growing closer to God, you are reaching deeper parts within yourself. 


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