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Programs I offer bring new and exciting educational experiences to participants. Contact me for information.

Meditation: A Spiritual Practice             Community Day of Wellness

Mystical Hebrew Alphabet                       Limmud -FSU

Introduction to Jewish Spirituality          Beth El Synagogue

Shavuot Learning                                     Bucks County Kehillah 

Engagement Strategies                             Philadelphia Hadassah 

Inner Torah - weekly                                Online, open to all 

Tools of Prayer                                         Online, open to all 

Jewish Meditative Doodling                     Newtown Hadassah   

Judaism & Christianity: the afterlife        Bucks County Kallah

Ancient Roots of Social Justice                 Golden Gems

Meditative Doodling                                 Hosted via My Jewish Learning

Sunday in the Park                                    Beth El Synagogue

Thanks for a wonderful class this morning. I love learning from you. You shine so much light that I find I can see things that I'd never seen before.  H.G. 

I really enjoyed the session and found it to be an informative, peaceful exercise that I will employ in my meditation and preparation for prayer.  Thank you for a beautiful lesson and I plan on joining one of your classes again.  L.F.  

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Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable, mind provoking mindfulness experience today, Ruth. 

Yasher kochacha! 

I very much appreciate the opportunity to learn with you. J.N.

I really feel immense gratitude and enrichment from your workshops on building a relationship with G-d and prayer. Thank you so much for all of your planning, wisdom and efforts. M.E.

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