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My Story

My professional experiences in the Jewish non-profit world allowed me to connect adults and teens to our Jewish tradition in meaningful ways. My career path took me to synagogues, Jewish high schools, camps, and international organizations*. In all of those environments, I was successful in raising an awareness of the ways in which our Jewish tradition offers tools for living one's best life. It was my privilege to see the impact different programs, courses, and talks had on participants through my unique approach to education---combining text study with questions of spiritual and personal meaning. My educational background: an MA in Counseling from NYU and B.A. degrees in Fine Arts (some of my work is below) and Psychology. My current academic work is in pursuing a doctorate in Jewish Education from Gratz College.  
I am grateful to HaShem that through this Jewish educational platform, I am able to bring my unique style of Jewish education to a broader audience. My interests in spiritual work, creative, artistic and experiential expression, writing, counseling, and facilitating are able to find a home. The courses and speaking topics I develop are part of an expression of Inner Judaism. I hope we will meet through one of my offerings, and that you will experience the beauty of our tradition.          

*Camp Ramah, Beth El-Yardley, Gratz College, Hadassah, The Mussar Institute, CAJE- Miami, Limmud North America

Monument Valley
Morning Mayflower Mist
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