Spiritual Guidance

Image by Patrick Metzdorf

We are unique beings, created in the Divine Image...and here to fulfill a specific purpose.....based on our unique talents and skills. Discovering our spiritual path is a lifelong pursuit, and is a challenging process to engage in alone. We will work together to a spiritual understanding of your divine mission through individualized exercises I will develop just for you. Along the way, I will select and prepare Jewish texts that speak to your particular situation, texts that will support and inspire you. We will uncover Mussar practices to try (meditations, visualizations, chants) that will be part of your journey of discovery. Our meetings will be on Zoom with timing that works for you. Spiritual guidance is a way for us to work together toward a feeling of wholeness, 'shleymut'. 


If you're interested, email me and we'll arrange an initial meeting over Zoom or phone. We'll discuss your situation and determine if there is a good fit between us. If we agree to proceed, I'll send you a worksheet to complete prior to our meeting. Meetings are generally once a month, but your situation might be different. The hourly fee is $225 (if finances are an issue, please explain since I don't want to turn anyone away). Email me at ruthschapira@innerjudaism.com .