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What People Shared

Just another thank you for being a generous and thoughtful teacher. You have helped me regard our Torah in a new, inspiring light. You also helped me understand that words matter more than we think. R.L.

Wow…what a morning!  Thank you so much for all that you did to make it a memorable event. Your presentation was superb.  We were able to share our thoughts, think about ourselves and we learned at the same time. You took us to a new level! D.G

Thanks for a wonderful class this morning. I love learning from you. You shine so much light that I find I can see things that I'd never seen before. H.G.

I have taken a couple of other classes you’ve led and it is inspired me to delve deeper into Judaism which I have not done since I walked away when I was a child. So thank you for being so good at what you do. K.G.

I love your class and get so much out of your insights. Throughout the different tasks I have had today I am still contemplating the Torah portions we discussed today. I believe that a great teacher creates within the student the zeal for further study. And so you are. P.B.

Having someone explain Torah for me is a little like having a docent at an art museum rather than wandering around on my own.  I have been to services many times over the years, tried to read the Torah portion in English and it's always been difficult to comprehend, remember, or have any meaningful connection to it.  Thanks for being a good teacher and sharing your knowledge and awe with us. L.L. 

Thank YOU for your innovative and engaging teaching. I can’t imagine now living without this kind of study and work. 💜 E.S. 

First I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your very inspirational teaching. I am still learning the Mussar we touched on at your classes. H.M. 

Thank you so much! Everywhere I go, I meet people who you have had a tremendous impact on. So lucky to include myself as one of them! M.S.

Thank you for your inspiring Torah class. I wish the class could be longer! I also have been enjoying your blog...I love your connection to God and prayer which many have trouble with. F.H.

I really enjoyed your Torah class and am grateful that you're offering this. J.N.

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