Charming Pathway

The Path of the Just - August 18 

We will explore this great work of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto who, centuries ago, offered us profound wisdom about how to live our lives. He is perhaps the most famous of all Mussar teachers. You will delve into the text of Path of the Just, learn more about Luzzatto and his advanced approach to character development, and explore Mussar in general. You'll gain insight and profound wisdom into this pivotal work and learn a new vocabulary of how Judaism views personal change. Save your space now for all 4 sessions and pay what you wish. Course is Wednesdays at 10:00 am ET beginning August 18th Register here.

Forest Path

The Mussar Path 

This is a two-session course that is offered periodically. I introduce you to the spiritual practice of Mussar, a path to character refinement---and to being the best person you can be.  Mussar bridges the gap between knowing the right thing to do in a given situation and being able to achieve it. Often though, we come up short. What trips us up time and time again? Mussar unlocks the keys to our personality traits so we can become aware of how we can achieve our best selves.