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Sunrise and Mountains

Making Torah Personal

This course combines Torah study with the practices of Mussar. We'll learn about a particular middah and discover the ways it surfaces in the text of the portion of the week. We'll relate the middah and the text to your own life, giving you a window into how relevant the Torah can be every single day. This will be a small and intimate group that wants to gain a deeper level of spiritual awareness into the Mussar tradition and the meaning the Torah offers us. 
Jewish Star, Jewish texts

Inner Torah  

This weekly interactive session involves you in experiencing the portion of the week- Parshat HaShavua and helps you derive inner meaning from its messages. My hope is that you will experience Torah in a new and personal way. You can attend every week or just when it works for you. Knowledge of Hebrew is not required, although it helps. Meetings are 90 minutes on Zoom.      
Circle of Colored Pencils

Take a Meditative Break: Spiritual Doodling

This one session program will quiet your mind through the creative process of doodling. We'll focus on a particular Hebrew letter and you'll gain another tool to unleash your inner voice while experiencing a unique path to your Jewish soul. 
Hebrew Letters, Hebrew Alphabet

The Incredible Wisdom of Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew language is called Lashon Kodesh, a holy language. No other language contains such deep wisdom, embedded within each letter of its alphabet (Aleph-bet). Taking this 4 session course will offer you new insight as you discover a new depth of meaning contained within selected Hebrew letters. You will be spiritually inspired every week! Email me to let me know of your interest. 
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