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learn with others, discover yourself 

Jewish tradition offers us a model for learning in chevruta (in fellowship). When we study Jewish material in a group, our learning is heightened. Our ability to absorb and internalize the learning is enhanced. 


When you are touched deeply by material you are learning, the experience is transformative. 

I really feel immense gratitude and enrichment from your workshops on building a relationship with G-d and prayer. Thank you so much for all of your planning, wisdom and efforts. Also, your blog is a treasure. M.E. 

Thanks for a wonderful class this morning. I love learning from you. You shine so much light that I find I can see things that I'd never seen before.  H.G.

Holding hands with kindness

Offerings range from single session experiences to courses that offer lengthier engagement. 

I really enjoyed your Torah class and am grateful that you're offering this. F.H.

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