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Teens: Got a bad grade? Work it!

Life Stinks

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Getting a bad grade, especially when you expected something else entirely, pretty much stinks.

It’s hard enough being in high school when so much of your life seems to be defined by grades. When the grades don’t match up with your expectations or your output, it must feel lousy.

Though I have issues with the idea of being defined by grades, we’re not going there now.

So, you can either sulk or use this life event to get some feedback.

Think of this as an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with your teacher about your work. I know, it’s tough, but give it a try. You can:

  1. learn how to advocate for yourself

  2. begin to see yourself the way he/she does, and take the opportunity to self-correct

  3. figure out what the teacher really wants before it’s too late in the year

  4. impress the teacher with your willingness to engage in this type of conversation

  5. practice asking for clarification of a decision, which is a skill you’ll use later in life

  6. demonstrate your interest in the subject matter

  7. cut yourself a break.

  8. learn that despite what you’re feeling now, this doesn’t define you

  9. feel great about asserting yourself!


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