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Shavuot Learning Session - Sun. May 16, on Zoom

Please join me! I will be facilitating a special learning session "The Inner Meaning of Thou Shalt Not Covet" in preparation for Shavuot, sponsored by Congregation Beth El . We will explore the deeper meaning behind this commandment and engage in a lively discussion! More information here.  

My personal take on Shavuot is available to read here.


Inner Judaism on My Jewish Learning HUB 

Inner Judaism is featured As “Best Of” Adult Jewish Educational Content on My Jewish Learning’s Hub! The Hub connects people with incredible learning opportunities for the global Jewish community. Inner Judaism, along with a select list of other partners on The Hub offers dynamic Jewish content curated from Jewish learning sources, all 70 Faces Media publications, and a wide spectrum of other great online Jewish events from other My Jewish Learning Hub organizational partners. 

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Limmud North America - Omer Counting 

Inner Judaism was asked to submit a writing for Limmud's Counting of the Omer, The 49 Steps. To sign up, click here. 

Limmud North America brings together a pluralistic mix of people interested in learning more about Judaism. Sessions are available about Jewish thought, holidays, and text.